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Charter Event

“Changing with the Times” I think is a very good way of expressing our Charter presentation. With 78 Lions from 11 different clubs being represented, what a way to start our club. Our theme was “In the Bush” and was enjoyed by all.
We were very honoured and privileged to have so many Lion Dignitaries and Fellow Lions present at this very special day for us, we promise to SERVE the less fortunate than ourselves.
If you look at our logo you will see the Sun and Lions Logo rising out of clear water which indicates the start of new beginnings.

Our inspiration was taken from The Lions Creed.

“A person who achieves success, who lives well, laughs often and love much; who gains the respect of intelligent people and the love of little children,
Who fills a niche and accomplishes his or her task, who leaves the world better than he or she found it whether by a brighter flower, a perfect poem or a rested soul.
Who always sees the best in others and gives the best he or she has; whose life is an inspiration, whose memory is a benediction.
That person is a LION.”

A very special word of thanks must go to our Sponsoring Club the Magaliesburg Lions for taking us in and allowing us to follow our dream. Thank you for all your support during the last 8 months, and we will always be there for you as well.
To PDG George MacDonald – what can you say? He kept us on the right track and made sure that the correct, but new protocol was followed.
To DG Nick Maré and his good wife CS Beaulieu, for accepting that we wanted to start something new by having a less formal Charter Presentation with the wearing of Club Shirts and having and afternoon luncheon instead of a very formal do. This worked out very well as all were more relaxed and enjoyed themselves.
It was lovely to meet up with so many friends again. We are very proud of our new members for handling themselves so well. The food was very enjoyable, the fellowship was even better.
A memorable time was had by all and hopefully those memories will stay with them for a very long time.
THANK YOU To the following clubs and people for your gifts and friendship banners Magaliesburg; Pretoria City; PDG George MacDonald; 2nd Vice Ivan du Plooy; Helderkruin; Florida; Weltevrenden; DG Nick; and Krugersdorp