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About the club

We are a Lions Club in district 410B Southern Africa. When we started thinking about this new club we thought about how to get new members and found the cyber club concept when some of our members attended the international convention in Australia in 2010. The big draw of this concept was the way that we could hold meetings and discussions online and only have to have a formal meeting every 3 months. We thought that with the technology out there and people spending most of there day in meetings the last thing they wanted to do was go to another meeting after work or on the weekend. With this in mind 6 members of the Magaliesburg Lions Club decided that we would put this idea forward to the club and we got a great response with Magaliesburg saying that they would be our sponsor club.

Once we had the go ahead from Magaliesburg we approached PDG George McDonald for assistance in getting the club going. After a hard 6 – 8 Months we managed to get enough members and sent our documents through to Oak Brook for approval. The club was approved and officialy chartered by Lions Clubs International in January 2011 and we held our charter presentation function on the 26th February 2011.

Charter Members

Alistair Tuckett (Charter President)
Bernu van Zyl
Andile Hlatshwayo
Harry Fellows
Pauline Fellows
Broderick Harty
Verona Harty
Richard Luvengo
Nosipho Mauuka
Zanele Mkhize
Thando Ncube
Willem Prinsloo
Brenda Souma
Gail Tuckett
Rowan Tuckett
Yolanda von Geyso
Debbie van Vuuren
Christine van Zyl
Willem Voges
Gruschenka Boswell
Tegwhen Kort
Wayne Kort